Washable baby rug from lambskin sheepskin rug for infant nursery wool baby mat shearling


This sheepskin is from lambs that are only a few months old so they have grown just that super soft first wool. The wool is short, and the size of the rug is perfect for a baby cradle, baby stroller or simply as a rug/mat for the sofa or the floor. It is also very nice to use for sheepskin handcraft, such as baby booties and other items that require soft and short haired sheepskin.

This sheepskin has been tanned to perfection through the professional tanning processes of Norwegian tanneries. It can be cleaned in a washing machine if you follow the tanner's instructions. If a baby should pee on it, the rug is self- cleaning and can simply be hung outside in fresh air, and the smell leaves it.

If you buy more than one product from my store, the price of shipping may go down. I´ll calculate the shipping price according to total weight, and refund any excess payment.

The sizes of these rugs differ a bit but they are around 80 cm long (31") and between 50-60 cm (19" - 23") wide.


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We offer to sew sheepskin products upon enquiry. Please feel free to ask us should you have a particular product in mind.

If you shop three or more sheepskin rugs from our store we'll pay the shipping cost. Are you looking to buy in bulk, please inquire about further discounts.

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